Chenille Steele YouTube

Here is the Chenille Steele YouTube video that we have been able to lay our hands on, ooh err missus, of the wonderful Chenille Steele - the funny glamour girl who is rumoured to have had a fling with footballers Ashley Cole and John Terry. Rumours that she has done dogging videos are simply not true though - that is way off the mark.

Glamour, Fame, The Beautiful Game
Come on you Lions
Let me hear you Roar
It's been 44 years and it's about bl**dy time we scored

Here are the lyrics .....

You may think Iím downmarket
Something youíd scrape off your Jimmy Choos
But Iíve been shagginí your husband
And itís in the News of The Screws

Iíve been spit-roasted, in Grosvenor House, by the boys from Chelsea FC
Max Cliffordís on my speed dial in case I have John Terryís baby
Iíve kissed and told on Ashley Cole
And I got 20K from The Sun
Cos Iím just a glamour girl
Who likes it up the bum

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