Chenille Steele

ooh Chenille Steele - the naughty glamour girl who it is rumoured had a fling with footballers Ashley Cole and John Terry. Thing is she says she would really like to have had a fling with Frank Lampard. Is this really true or would she hop into bed with any footballer? After all, she sings that she would love to be spit roasted. She is the ultimate WAG - that's an acronym for footballers wife and girlfriends. Most people who have head of Chenille reckons she would love to be either a wife or a girlfriend, and although she supports Chelsea, she may change allegiances to a different team for the right guy. Mind you, there is a rumour is she isn't far off making up a Chelsea five a side team the amount of footballers she has been with. She hangs out with other WAGs and boasts that she has celebrity PR guru Max Clifford on speed dial :) Chenille Steele, not Chenille Steel is a very foxy lady with a dirty mouth. Dirty and flirty that's Chenille the Chelsea FC girl.

The rumour that Chenille has been doing dogging movies is simply not true though. However, if you are looking for pics of her you are in luck as we are uploading some of her celebrity pictures soon. Yes this Chelsea girl includes pictures of her in her Chelsea kit - which is why she is known as the Chelsea FC girl. Her latest two ventures have been singing a World Cup song to support England in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. "Come on you Lions" she sings in her raunchy way; along with some of the lap dancers who work at a Gentleman's club called Secrets. One of her other projects has her impersonaqting Kate Middleton and singing an ode to Prince William asking him to marry her, so she got that one right. We have had a go at uploading this video of her being Kate Middleton to the Chenille Steele YouTube page. Chenille we know you're a comedienne rather than a dirty minx; and we salute you for that.


chenille steele